What do I do if I want to make alterations to my apartment ?

We understand that residents will want to make alterations and improvements to their properties. Some works such as changing windows, boiler and structural works will require the permission of the Board but before carrying out any works you should contact the Managing Agent.  We would ask you to be considerate to your neighbours and keep any works that are noisy to during the day and if possible on weekdays.

Who is the Managing Agent and how do I contact them ?

The Managing Agent is Bourne Estates and you can contact them by telephoning 01202 784280, emailing them; or visiting their website bourneestates.co.uk.

How many visitors parking spaces are there at The Oasis ?

We are very lucky at the Oasis to have 25 visitors parking spaces.  Please ensure that your visitors use a visitor space which are marked out in yellow and not the numbered spaces marked out in white which belong to individual apartments. Please note that parking space numbers do not correspond to apartment numbers for security reasons.

Only private motor vehicles, not commercial vehicles are able to park overnight at the Oasis.  We ask that if you are a resident you use your allocated garage or parking bay first and not use a visitor’s bay instead, unless your visitor is parked in your own designated space or garage.

Who do I report complaints to ?

You are best reporting complaints or faults to the Managing Agent in the first instance. Telephone: 01202 780780, Emailing: info@bourneestatesltd.co.ukor visiting their website: bourneestatesltd.co.uk.  You may also contact a member of the Board, you will find their contact details on the notice boards.

Is there storage on site for bicycles ?

We have a secure bike storage cage installed within the grounds.  Please contact Bourne Estates if you wish to apply for a key to the Cage.  There is also room for visitor’s bikes in the same area outside the secure cage.

Please contact the Board for further information.  No bicycles may be brought into the buildings or left on any balcony or terrace.

Where are the bin stores and may I recycle ?

There is a bin store at the front and the back of the property.  Please try to recycle as much as you can as this is a benefit to everyone.   It is also helpful to crush any boxes that you may be disposing of.  The Dustmen will not remove any waste that is not inside a bin.  Please do not place any rubbish on top of the bins or on the floor.

Items such as Furniture, mattresses and electrical items (microwaves, toasters, fridges etc. must be taken to the Council Dump – Household Waste Recycling Centre.  92-98 Nuffield Road, Poole, BH17 0RS.  Any items left in the area will be removed by the Directors and the resident will be charged for the cost of removal.  Please be aware that the areas are covered by CCTV.

How can I purchase a spare / replacement key ?

Please contact a director or the managing agent if you need a replacement key.  These are charged at £2.00 per Gas Key and £10.00 per front door key.  Access to the Leisure Complex is by a Key Fob that is issued to all owners.

A Key Fob should have been passed to you by the previous owners but please contact the Directors or the Managing Agents if you require an additional key or you have not been given one by the previous owners. Replacement Key Fob are charged at £15.00 Any lost tokens should be reported immediately to the Board so that the Key Fob can be deleted from the system.

How often are the windows cleaned ?

The windows are cleaned on the third Thursday of every month.  Balcony windows in apartments above the second floor can only be reached from the interior of each apartment, access must be arranged with Ivan our cleaner.  He is on site carrying out general cleaning on Mondays and Fridays.  Please contact a director or the Managing Agent for further information.

Can anyone use the BBQ Area and Leisure Complex?

Under the terms of the Lease, only owners and their accompanied guests, are entitled to use these facilities.  You will find the rules and regulations for these areas for your information under “Regulations”.  It is advisable to book the BBQ and we would ask you kindly to be thoughtful to disturbing other residents that might be in the area.   The swimming pool is kept in excellent condition.

Please shower before using the pool and do not apply any lotions or oils before entering the pool as this will have a negative impact on the water quality.

Who looks after The Oasis gardens ?

We are so lucky to have such beautiful Japanese gardens at the Oasis.  Two gardeners maintain them and they are usually on site on Fridays, either the morning or the afternoon. In the interest of everyone’s safety, we would remind you to take care when using the gardens and leisure complex. Please be aware that residents and their guests use the facilities at their own risk.

Children should be supervised always, particularly near the pond and in the wooded areas.  We welcome any residents that wish to help with various activities in the grounds including watering, weeding and feeding the fish with the specialist fish food that they require.  If you would like to get involved we would love to hear from you.  Residents have found this a good way of getting to know their neighbours.  Please do not feed the birds as this can encourage unwanted visitors!

Is there CCTV at The Oasis ?

There is a CCTV system is in operation in the Oasis grounds.  The purpose of the system is a deterrent and none of the cameras are designed to be intrusive in any way.

Where do I turn the water off within my apartment ?

Should you need to turn off the water supply to your apartment, an on/off tap is located at the bottom of the cupboard containing the electricity fuse boxes.

Should I put a Smoke Alarm in my apartment ?

Yes, everyone should have a smoke alarm fitted within their individual apartments.  The Oasis operates a “Stay Put” policy for Fire Safety.  Details may be found in the attached document.
Residents should also check that the self-closing device on the front door to their apartment is working.

Can I have a BBQ on my balcony ?

No, it is against the terms of the Lease to light BBQs on your balcony or patio.  This is not only for the reasons of it being a fire hazard but the smoke can also be a nuisance to other residents. The Lease also prohibits laundry to be placed in these areas.

What is the Service Charge and Reserve Charge cost per apartment per year in 2017 ?

The total Service Charge and Reserve Charge is approx. £2,727.41 for 2019.  This includes your water rates, building insurance, window cleaning, gardening and many other maintenance activities.

The Payment schedule for 2019 is:
Service Charge payment 1st Jan 2019 – £1022.93
Reserve Fund payment 1st April 2019 – £340.91
Service Charge payment 1st July 2019 – £1022.93
Reserve Fund payment 1st Oct 2019 – £340.91

Do I need to have a key holder ?

Yes, it is essential that you have a key holder in the local area for emergencies. Ideally, the key should be held by a trusted family member or close friend.  The Managing Agent will not hold keys for members. Key holder information should be given to Bourne Estates and the Board for future reference.